Christmas in Jail

by Arsenal

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released September 3, 2014

tom anthony
bryan antell

art by teresa salinas



all rights reserved


Arsenal Sunset, Utah

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Track Name: Way it Goes
spend christmas in jail again
bailed out by julian
learned his lesson
gonna get his grade 10
lucy and trin
things are gonna be just fine
gonna grow dope
even if the cops say don't
couple drinks bud
i don't wanna party alone

way it goes
Track Name: Fresh Water
dead children in a wishing well
seem so quiet
they're never gonna leave this hell
it's a riot
where am i supposed to throw my quarters?
bent over backwards
where am i supposed to get fresh water?
feet treading on stones

breathe with your eyes hoping to find
sleeping on couches twisting your spine
is miserable
saying goodbye is lonely and cold
and depressing
cover to cover just like your mother
if you let it

when you see me don't hate me for it
Track Name: It's in the Game
i'm a shortside daddy

i'm the prettiest princess!
watch me spin around again!
oh no! shortside daddy!
bryan thompson!

catch me at the blue line
cherry pickin' daddy
check me at the blue line
cherry pickin' daddy
past your 'pooter d-man
i scored a goal
i scored another goal
oh no!
Track Name: Veganocalypse
"this does not make my depression any better"
"have you tried filling it with dirt?"

spend your wake
tapping out
cough it up
i can't sleep
too much juice
i can't speak
come today
Track Name: Program
the ship to love about me
traveling through the chimney
the nerves of my shy left side
tumbling down
the pike division gymnast
the strength we haven't lost yet
now branded to the program
tumbling down

kinda wish it weren't visible
press pause when life gets miserable
floating around the earth in an instant
preserve some ripe innocence
how i wish it were usual
to live your life so whimsical
but it's not the only thing
you'll see

even if it's open i don't think that i'm going

she stands above me breathless
the rejected replacement
and here we gather once more
tumbling down
existing in convergence
and on a dream-built planar
the pieces shard and whistle
tumbling down

even if i woke up i don't think that i'd get up
Track Name: Hot Takes
getting married
that's cool, good luck
hope it's merry
not bad, that sucks
we're still floating
on a boat with
no oars no sail
weak arms face pale
life's one weird trip
gone in a blip
you don't worry
just go hurry
life's one great dream
everyone screams
haven't seen you
since that parting
said goodbye then
to your cool friends
and your grandmom
hope she's okay
tree limbs grow high
someday they'll die
who knows what's real?
who cares, big deal
Track Name: Liquid Metal
live at the shore
call it a bore
i'm cutting off my fingernails
nothing i say
makes it go away
i'm looking for a way out
shapes are fascist pigs
george bush still pulls the strings

flipping channels on a blue screen
liquid metal in a blue dream

beer before liquor
gonna get sicker
i'm looking for a good night's sleep
red moon at night
stoner's delight
i bet you've never heard that one
grace comes in square waves
words are just a phase

flipping channels on a blue screen
liquid metal in a blue dream