by Arsenal

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released May 16, 2014

written and performed by bryan antell and tom anthony
recorded in villas, nj and philadelphia, pa
additional bass on tracks 3-7 by willbob indellicato
additional lyrics on "time leash" by joey p hoban
art by teresa salinas



all rights reserved


Arsenal Sunset, Utah

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Track Name: Time Leash
out on water like a mirror
paste on a picture
try this new look straight from a book
can't see you can't see me
fully clothed right next to you
paste on a picture
Track Name: Puddle
with your eyes
see the puddle
and the dirt
near the bottom
Track Name: Stick Around
there's a picture sitting at my window
it's got water and an alligator
normal people they don't understand it
we just keep on just the way we planned it
it's all i care to tell you this evening

drive to your house but i forgot the address
tell me your secrets i'll share them don't bother
you are an alligator
why did you eat me when i tried to feed you?
swallowing everything in your way
why do you hate me when i want to be you?
tell me you'll owe me when i get control

he just wakes up and rolls over
he can't fight the bloodlust deep inside him
they just laid down all the things they care for
normal people they can't understand him
it's all i care to tell you this evening

soak in the sun do it for fun
i'm 21 and i don't know the way
easy to hide these things inside
let's take a ride i love the things you say
please stick around
Track Name: Edie
"i went to the doctor and what did he say?
i've got thirty-three hairballs and i have to pay
so i told him "doc, let's do it today"
then he put me under and i drifted away
he sliced me open from belly to breast
an explosion of flowers flew out of my chest
then the angels told me that i'm very blessed
that the doctor i'm seeing is the very best
and that's not even the worst part
when i stepped back down to reality
then the thirty-three hairballs were laid before me
i said "thank you doc" and wiggled my feet
then i took another hit of his dmt"

hey edie you it girl
you live in your own world
you're only human
in chelsea you found me
hey edie don't leave me
those things don't make you
Track Name: Counting Sheep
in a pool of serotonin
just like a sunday afternoon
in a cookie jar so high up
feed the giant your ego

got caught in the undertow
separating flesh from bone
waves were formed by trampolines
propelling and surrounding me

go to sleep
and think about it while you're counting sheep
Track Name: Man Who Grunts
every child soldier in an army of ambivalence
greets the man who grunts with no respect
every time he pokes his tongue through cigarettes and wife beaters
they prepare to battle with their words
what do you say to a man who grunts?
"back on out and leave me alone!
i'll tell you the future if you gimmie your soul
even if it's not mine to control"

saw you from an elevator swimming in a fountain
filling your pockets with pennies from the floor
Track Name: Strawberry
all aboard the 5:15
tap into their tiny screens
necks at 45 degrees
pressing down on their crooked spine

waves of contact skittering
i need an ocean to feel alive
people breathing waiting to die
people kissing saying goodbye
colorful minds think they're never going to die
passing out on their borrowed time
keep the sober feeling alive

sitting in a frozen box
here i've got it figured out
litter in the curb kicks out
slips inside my crooked mind